Dinky Toys 514 Guy Van 'WEETABIX'

Guy Van "Weetabix" by Dinky Toys, No. 514. Near mint/boxed. Early issue ridged wheels. Super box! Scarce high profile Dinky commercial from a lifelong collection in Devon.

Price: £1,150.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


Certainly one of the most sought-after Dinky commercial models and notoriously difficult to find in any condition.

This scarce Dinky Guy Van was made for just one year – 1952. In brightest, deep yellow finish with a first type cab and early issue ridged wheels. A classic item from Dinky’s heyday. The all-important distinctive transfers are in virtually complete – complete at the sides. Complete ‘WEETABIX’ lettering above the cab.
Rear doors open and close well. Shiny metal parts. Smooth original tyres, including the spare are well-shaped.



Have to find the merest mark.Closest inspection reveals some re-touching (mostly to the usual vulnerable places). As is often the case, the factory colour finish of the two rear doors is markedly different.
The powder blue box with paper label impresses with vivid colours on fresh-looking clean, intact card. Tiny storage wear includes a little of the shelf wear to the underside. Shopkeeper’s price on a short lid end.

Typically, one of the the final items to be added to a Dinky commercial collection, this one comes with a comparatively reasonable price tag! Always guaranteed to be a key item in any Dinky collection – its fame always going before it!

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