Dinky Toys 970 Jones Fleetmaster Crane

Jones Fleetmaster Cantilever Crane by Dinky Toys, No. 970. Metallic red issue with WHITE interior. Near mint/boxed. With Instruction Leaflet. From an old shop store find in Yorkshire and taken out of the QDT Vault after 6 years.

Price: £135.00

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Stored away for decades, this Gift Set is part of a startling old shop stock find. Many items have never been opened until now, with some outer boxes in a close to pristine state and others showing some signs of storage wear.

Issued between 1967-71, this model has a Bedford TK cab and comes in metallic red and black finish, with a white folding crane. ‘JONES’ labels. Steel central hub cab detail wheels.
Lots of action features on this item, ably explained in the Instruction Sheet supplied.




Several little exposed edge marks/rubs, as you might expect.
The colourful card box is complete and vibrantly-coloured. Showing a little storage wear with crumpling at one end. A little wear besides.

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