Dinky Toys 691 Striker Anti-Tank Vehicle

Military Striker Anti-Tank Vehicle by Dinky Toys, No. 691. Very, very near mint/boxed (no bubble lid). From a large, stunning diverse collection with many items in old shop stock condition. Now leaving The QDT Vault.

Price: £50.00



From one of the largest, private collections we have ever seen, with many items bought new at the time and stored away until now. Taken as a whole, the collection provides an exciting, kaleidoscopic snapshot of popular diecast toys issued during the 1960?s -1970?s.

Issued 1974-80, this fine and unused military piece. Complete labels. Intact tracks. Very close to mint military green finish (one little edge chip).



Bubble pack box has a very close to pristine blue card base with the missiles still firmly in place and so never used. The bubble top lid has become light discoloured and brittle over the years, so result in breaking, unfortunately (common fault).

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