Corgi Toys 803 The Beatles Yellow Submarine

The Beatles Yellow Submarine by Corgi Toys, No.803. Red hatches issue. Very, very near mint/boxed (repair to inner packing, new cellophane). From The Francis Schaffer Collection.

Corgi toys 803 beatles yellow submarine aa473

Price: £295.00

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A sought-after Corgi model in original condition with all four figures of John, Paul, George and Ringo.
Red hatches issue.



Transfers are notably complete. The periscope is undamaged, rotating when the model is pushed along. Notably intact plastic propellor, too.
In virtually mint condition.

The deep blue moulded plastic inner has a side edge repair and a lower edge repair too. This type of plastic becomes so fragile and brittle over time, so often found with damage.

Box colours are fresh and vivid with lots of atmospheric artwork. Crisp feel. Lightest crease where the header card section meets the main body of the box. New cellophane window has been fitted at some time. Small area of surface loss and residue from a price label. Small yellow label added at this site. Light wear besides.

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