Corgi Toys 270 James Bond Aston Martin

James Bond Aston Martin by Corgi Toys, No. 270. Very, very near mint/boxed (repair). In 'Winged' box with Secret Instruction Packet. From The Francis Schaffer Collection.

Corgi toys 270 james bond's aston martin db5 aa396

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First issue from 1968.
This sought-after James Bond Aston Martin model with gold bumpers has the opening roof feature with the ejector seat mechanism functioning. Note that in order to close the roof once the villain has been expelled, the seat needs to be nudged a little to one side in order to go back into place. Both figures of James Bond and villain are still seated inside. It has the rear bullet screen which can be raised and lowered, telescopic over-riders, retractable machine guns, revolving number plates and of course the red tyre slasher blades on the rear wheels. Original tyres look as-new. The suspension is fine on all four detailed spoked wheels.





Paint finish is in virtually mint condition. Note the slight gold hue in places.

Slightly larger than the 261 James Bond Aston Martin, this model is presented in the decorative 1st issue ‘winged box’.
These elaborate boxes so easily get torn or suffer heavy wear. This box has had a careful repair to the card section immediately surrounding the blister section which was removed (probably by an over-enthusiastic new owner back in the day!). Carefully re-attached now, it is firmly in place and the blister section is undamaged. Notably, there is no front edge ruffling to the card.


Note the penned number 28 on one of the card wings and a light crease to the other.
Underside has a little light wear and a small area of surface loss (due to price removal).

The removable card plinth is crisp, clean and strongly-coloured. Inside, we found the all-important fresh and clean Secret Instruction Packet which has been carefully opened and contains all of the hoped for accessories with the exception of the badge. The Secret Instructions, the sheet of number plates and a spare villain are present.


An iconic James Bond item.

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