Tekno Models 809 Ford Thunderbird

Ford Thunderbird by Tekno Models, No. 809. MATTE GREENISH-GOLD issue. Very rare version. A First for QDT! Near mint plus/boxed. A remarkable find from The Berlin Collection.

Price: £700.00


An exceptionally difficult find in any condition.
A most eye-catching Ford Thunderbird model from this respected Danish manufacturer. Finished in a distinctive green-gold (matte version) with dark red interior and spare wheel stowed. Front and rear lights. Shiny wheels and well-shaped tyres. Original clear screen has a couple of small windscreen scratches. Bonnet chip. Thunderbird lettering is fine on one rear wing, largely rubbed off on the other.



Colourful pictorial box is complete, fresh and intact, with a crisp feel. Tiny wear.
One of the best you will ever see.

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