Corgi Gift Set 37 Lotus Racing Team

Lotus Racing Team Set by Corgi Toys, No. 37. Very near mint - very, very near mint, with accessories/boxed. From The Francis Schaffer Collection.

Corgi toys 37 lotus racing team set aa223

Price: £650.00

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A sought-after Gift set made between 1966-69.
The contents comprise:



1) 490 VW Breakdown Truck. White. Two tyres stowed. Very near mint.
2) Silver chassis on a red trailer. Very, very near mint.
3) 318 Lotus Elan S2. Very, very near mint.
4) 319 Lotus Elan S2 Hard Top. Very near mint.
5) 155 Lotus Climax Racing Car. Very, very near mint.

With accessories:, correct complement of 16 cones, 2 sets of Racing Numbers still on sheet, Model Makers to James Bond Brochure, Corgi Club Membership Form.

Clean and bright polystyrene inner is close to pristine (light corner crush).


Vibrantly-coloured, clean outer box is complete with original and intact cellophane window. Little seam tear and light wear.




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