Schuco Models 1001 Mirakocar

Mirakocar by Schuco Models, No. 1001P. Working clockwork function. With original key. Very near mint/boxed. From The Francis Schaffer Collection.

Schuco 1001 mirakocar aa220

Price: £125.00

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Glossy scarlet tinplate ‘Mirakocar’ with shiny chrome fittings. Note the curious shape of the base which, along with the small wheel on the base, steers the car in a rectangle. Lacks roof light.



Virtually mint finish.
Colourful card picture box was a multi-use box for the various versions including this 1001P issue (POLICE). Light wear and a small area of surface loss due to the removal of a price label at some time, we expect. With original Schuco key!

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