French Dinky Toys 814 Panhard Armoured Car

Panhard Armoured Car by French Dinky Toys, No. 814. Late issue with anodised base. Very, very near mint/boxed. Pristine box with packing & MECCANO-TRI-IANG PRINT. Complete with both aerials in packet. From The QDT Vault.

French dinky toys 814 aml panhard armoured car c319

Price: £110.00


Issued between 1963-71 in original khaki finish. Looking unused with a delightful matt finish, original silver detailing, a bright anodised base and shiny axles (including the ends).
Concave painted metal wheels.
In virtually mint condition complete with the two little original aerials still in the original packet.
Very nice.



Just a couple of tiny marks (visible under minute scrutiny only).
Shop-fresh box is a late issue with Meccano-Tri-ang printed. Pristine.
With aerials in packet and card packing piece too.


A beauty!