French Dinky Toys 815 Sinpar Military Police Car

Sinpar 4 x 4 Military Police Car by French Dinky Toys, No 815. Very, very near mint/boxed. Complete with all accessories. Scarce. Early issue with detachable A-Frame aerial support. Pale GREY aerial & radio. Crisp box! From The QDT Vault.

French dinky toys 815 sinpar military jeep c317

Price: £175.00


Not an easy find – we are pleased that this example comes complete with both figures, grey plastic radio, steering wheel and gear lever, long whip-like aerial (pale grey), A-Frame Aerial Support, and an intact detachable plastic canopy. Often one of the last items to find its way into a military collection.




Virtually mint condition.
Typical French Dinky box is a tight fit, and so there is nearly always wear. This example has fared better than most – crisp and bright, with a little part-puncture on one side.