Dinky Toys 279 Aveling-Barford Diesel Roller

Aveling-Barford Diesel Roller from Dinky Toys 279. Very near mint/boxed. Orange with green rollers.

Dinky toys 279 aveling barford diesel roller aa163

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A fine and unused example of this later Dinky heavyweight, made between 1965-71.



Very nearly complete – virtually complete ‘Master Pavior’ labels on both sides and perfect paper logo ‘INVICTA’ on the front.
Lots of features on this late issue Dinky:
Tilting and rotating front roller, cab has windows which slide open, grey plastic engine covers may be lifted for inspection – this model even makes a ticking noise when pushed along!
Very near mint paint finish.
Vividly-coloured card pictorial box is bright, fresh and complete. Crisp, showing minimal handling. Part-puncture is easily overlooked on a non-picture side.