Corgi Toys 312 E Type Jaguar Competition

'E' Type Jaguar Competition Model by Corgi Toys, No. 312. Pale gold-plated finish. Near mint plus/boxed, with packing ring. Crisp box. From The Island Collection.

Corgi toys 312 e type jaguar comptition aa159

Price: £165.00


A striking Corgi model issued between 1964-68 with a pale gold-plated finish, black interior, intact original windscreen, racing driver, steering wheel. Suspension on detailed spoked wheels.
Complete racing number and stripe.
In close to mint condition.



Occasioanl mark to this most reflective of finishes.
For comparison only, please see this pale gold-plated example on the left to the silver plated version:


The pictorial box is fresh, bright and clean showing minimal handling. Crisp feel. Period penned price. With card packing ring.