Corgi Toys 309 Aston Martin Competition

Aston Martin Competition Model from Corgi Number 309. Near mint plus/boxed. Racing number 1. Scarce. From Christoph's Collection.

Corgi toys 309 aston martin competition m277

Price: £145.00


This Corgi Toys 309 Aston Martin Competition model is sought-after and one of the key items in the Corgi Gift Set 15 Silverstone Set. This example has a shining turquoise and white finish, lemon interior, complete crossed flags on the bonnet, suspension on shining shaped spun hubs, jewelled headlights, racing number 1.



In original condition with a little mark above a headlight and a few on the bonnet front edge.
Issued between 1962-65.
The box is complete, Light wear and slight fading. Corgi Club Membership Form.