Corgi Toys 460 Neville Cement Tipper

Neville Cement Tipper on E.R.F. Chassis by Corgi Toys, No 460. Very near mint/boxed. Early issue with METAL FILLER CAPS. From The Pennsylvanian Collection.

Corgi toys 460 neville cement tipper aa15

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Issued between 1959-61, this model has a shining lemon yellow cab and chassis, silver tipper and bright flat spun hubs. This model is an early issue with metal filer caps (later issues would have plastic filler caps). It is in very close to mint, original condition, with a perfect detailed ‘Tunnel Cement’ label on the tipper.



A few tiny marks only.
The card box is crisp and complete with all end flaps. A little grubbiness and a small seam scuff.