Corgi Classic Models 9031 & 9032 1910 Renault

1910 Renault by Corgi Classic Models, No. 9031 & 2 x 9032 1910 Renault. Very near mint-mint/boxed, with packing sponge, leaflet & card packing pieces. From The Eric Morris Collection.

Corgi classics models 9031 1910 renault zz929

Price: £145.00


From the first issue Corgi Classic range made between 1964-69. The Corgi fire actually brought the production of this range to a close in 1969.

1) Corgi Classic Model No. 9031 1910 Renault model with a distinctive metallic lavender and gunmetal grey finish with a black canopy. One gold and one bare metal carriage lamp.
In virtually mint condition.
Box is complete with leaflet, foam packaging and the often discarded card packing piece too. Tiny wear only.

2) 2 x Corgi Classic Models 9032 1910 Renault in lemon, with a gunmetal grey chassis and a black hood. Note that one example has gold and the other has bare metal carriage lamps.
Boxes are complete with leaflet and foam packaging. One has a card packing piece too.