Gama Models 9061 Porsche Carrera 6

Porsche Carrera 6 By Gama Models, No. 9061. Very near mint/boxed. Scarce item from The QDT Vault.

Gama models 9061 porsche w826

Price: £80.00

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A well-constructed Porsche Racing model from the well-regarded German diecast manufacturer GAMA.
Pleasing attention to detail with chrome details, and a deep pink bonnet detail. Opening gull-wing doors. Complete racing number 8 on both door and bonnet, complete P’ on both sides, too.
Detailed black interior and a white steering wheel. Lights detail. Shiny plastic wheels and separate tyres.
1:39.5 scale.



Occasional little mark may be seen (if you hunt for them).
Striking green card and cellophane box shows a little handling wear. Polystyrene and card insert and intact cellophane.