Corgi Toys 437 Cadillac Ambulance

Superior Ambulance on Cadillac Chassis. Cast wheel issue. Very near mint/boxed. With Instruction Leaflet & card packing piece. From The Berlin Collection.

Corgi toys 437 superior cadillac chassis zz816

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A very attractive example of this sought-after Cadillac Ambulance produced between 1965-68. Light blue over white with complete Ambulance labels on both sides and a red cross on the bonnet. Suspension on detailed cast wheels. Smooth-running original tyres.


Very clean underneath with all parts complete:


Tiny dot at a rear fin and the front edge of the bonnet has very minor rough casting in places.
The box is clean, bright and crisp. presents well. Over-sticker ‘New Finish and improved flasher unit’.

Comes complete with the often missing original Operating Instruction Leaflet and packing piece (repaired tear).