Corgi Toys 210S Citroen DS 19

Citroen DS 19 by Corgi Toys, No. 210S. Very near mint/boxed. Tomato red, shaped spun wheels issue. From The West Midlands Collection.

Corgi toys 210s citroen ds19 zz771

Price: £175.00


This fine Citroen car was issued between 1960-65. The tomato red paint finish just gleams! Suspension on shaped spun wheels and a detailed yellow interior.
In very close to mint condition.

Corgi toys 210s citroen ds19 zz7711

Corgi toys 210s citroen ds19 zz7712

The box is clean, with vivid colours. Minor wear and a little penned numbering on the box underside.
Getting scarce.