Dinky Toys 170 Ford Fordor Sedan

Ford Fordor Sedan by Dinky Toys, No. 170. Early tan version with bright red wheels. With LARGE BASEPLATE PRINT. Scarce - and a First for QDT in the early 170 picture box (with 170 in black oval, not dual-numbered). Very near mint/boxed. From The Berlin Collection.

Dinky toys 170 ford fordor sedan zz613

Price: £275.00


This early issue has an all original, lustrous mid-tan finish with bright red wheels. Large print baseplate. Issue with ‘Ford Sedan’ cast* into the underside of the roof.
Presents well, with barely a mark. Smooth original tyres are well-shaped.

Early picture box issue with product number in black oval (not dual-numbered so without 139A printed). Correct colour spot. Small area of surface loss on an internal end flap. Tape residue visible on the inside surface of a large end flap.