Corgi Adverts Victor Comic

A compilation of 94 original Victor Corgi Advertisements. A rare and fascinating insight into Corgi's heyday from a dedicated collector. Part of The Eric Morris Collection. QDT starting bid £300. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

Corgi adverts victor 1963 1970 zz561

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This auction is for 94 original Victor Corgi advertisements meticulously catalogued over 2 files with dates:
1)1st File 51 x Victor Comic adverts from January 1965 – December 1967. Each one is carefully housed and dated within a neat black folder with printed date and detail above each one. They are in black and white and variously sized (mix of full, two-thirds, half page, quarter page).

2) 2nd file with 43 Victor Comic adverts from ads from February 1968 – February 1971. Nearly all are black and white (just one in colour)21 full page adverts and 22 half phge adverts.
Here is a selection from both files:

With a career in graphic design, it is no surprise that this collector developed a sustained interest in period Corgi advertisements. They encapsulate so much of the enthusiasm and creative inspiration that resulted in some of the iconic Corgi models that we remember and wish to own either for the first time now as adults or buy again, and perhaps this time relive the enjoyment of owning that must-have toy from our childhood. Nothing quite captures the mood of the time like the advertisements that ignited our wish to own the latest Corgi Toys we saw in the shop window!