Corgi Toys 440 Golfing Cortina

Ford Consul Super Estate Car Golfing Set by Corgi Toys, No. 440. Very near mint/boxed. With accessories. From The Berlin Collection.

Corgi toys 440 golfing cortina estate zz446

Price: £225.00


A popular Corgi set issued between 1966-69, this Cortina Estate model has a lustrous deep metallic blue finish.
This set comprises:

1) Corgi 491 Ford Consul Super Estate Car with “wood” side panels, suspension on bright shaped spun wheels, jewelled headlights, cream interior and opening tailgate. Bright chrome. Fine, well-shaped tyres. Very near mint condition.

2) Golfer, caddie and trolley; all original and as-new!

Inner card stand is clean, with vibrant colours. Tiniest ruffle at slots and a couple of tiny tears.

The outer box is complete, bright and tear-free. Crisp feel. Little corner crumple. Only the most minor wear.