Corgi Toys 252 Rover 2000

Rover 2000 by Corgi Toys, No. 252. Maroon, with cream interior. As found in Corgi Gift Set 48. Very near mint/boxed. From The West Midlands Collection.

Corgi toys 252 rover 2000 zz358

Price: £235.00


A scarce version, this Rover has a rich maroon finish, and this issue (unlike its Monte Carlo counterpart) has a cream interior – and no transfers of course! Shaped spun wheels, and ’Trans-o-lite headlights.
In very close to mint condition.

Small chip at a rear light and a very faint mark (factory paint miss?) on the roof.
Colourful, crisp and compl Number pencilled on an end flap. Corgi Club Membership Form. Period shopkeeper’s price label on an end flap.