Dinky Toys 152 Austin Devon Saloon

Austin Devon Saloon by Dinky Toys, No. 152. Scarce blue & yellow issue. Very near mint/boxed (wear). From The Cologne Collection.

Dinky toys 152 austin devon zz285

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These two-tone classic Dinky cars are increasingly difficult to find. This example presents very well with a bright and unfaded mid-blue upper and deep yellow lower paint finish. Issued between 1956-59.

Dinky toys 152 austin devon zz2851

Dinky toys 152 austin devon zz28523

Bright base (minor ‘spidering’) and supple, original, well-shaped smooth tyres.
Occasional little mark to the paint finish.
The early box with blue /green models pictured has a blue colour spot at the end flaps. Wear now, although no tape repairs and a tiny end flap tear.

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