Spot-on Models 100 SL Ford Zodiac

Ford Zodiac from Spot-on 100 SL. Bright sky blue & pale grey issue, cream interior. With light fitment. Very, very near mint/boxed (picture style, with wear). From A Phenomenal Collection. A First for QDT!

Price: £225.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


This later issue of the Ford Zodiac (with lighting fitment) is in virtually mint condition with an eye-catching bright sky blue & pale grey finish, cream interior. Complete front and rear number plates. Shiny spun wheels and well-shaped tyres. Light fitment.

Spot on models 100sl ford zodiac zz261

Spot on models 100sl ford zodiac zz262

The bright and clean picture box has a repaired large end flap and a repaired tear to an internal end flap. A little wear besides.