Dinky Toys 190

Dinky Toys 190 Caravan. Mid-blue & GREENISH-CREAM version. Very near mint/boxed (picture version) with card packing ring. From The West Midlands Collection. Starting bid £75. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

Dinky toys 190 caravan yy969

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A pleasing Dinky model in mid-blue and greenish-cream finish, cream wheels. Drawbar and small black metal jockey wheel. Made between 1956-62.

In very close to mint condition.

For information only, see this model pictured on the left, which is a markedly different shade when compared with the deep cream shade from the same collector.

Smooth (not treaded) tyres. Sleek tinplate base (couple of minor tarnished patches).
The picture box is complete with the correct colour spot. A little age/handling wear including a couple of internal end flap tears). Nice to see this model comes complete with the original card packing ring which fits over the drawbar, so protecting the box.