Corgi Toys 271

Corgi Toys 271 James Bond Aston Martin. Very, very near mint/boxed. With gold trim & Swedish print on box base. Dated 1977. Header card, 1:36 scale tagged box. From The Berlin Collection.

Corgi toys 271 james bond's aston martin yy902

Price: £295.00


A very close to shop-fresh example of this iconic Corgi model.
This James Bond Aston Martin, finished in bright metallic silver with a red interior, has vivid gold radiator & bumpers. Four-spoke detail Whizzwheels. This example has one deep graphite grey and one silver lever. Bullet shield is graphite grey too.
Retractable Machine Guns, Ejector Seat to send the ‘baddie’ flying through the air, rear bullet screen and telescopic over-riders. With two villains in sealed packet.

The colourful, header card box with 1:36 scale tag is happily free of the expected crease on box reverse. Original cellophane is intact. Note there is Swedish print on the box base and "Mettoy Co. Ltd.’ on box reverse. A little wear to the formed section of the card inner due to model movement (minor).