Corgi Gift Set 6

Corgi Gift Set 6 'Rocket Age' Military Gift Set. Excellent-near mint/boxed (wear). With upper and lower card packing, 2 brochures & leaflets. Very scarce! From The Cheshire Collection. Starting bid £500. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

Price: £625.00

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Only 10,000 of these large Gift Sets were made between 1959-60 and so this is a hard find in any condition.
The shopkeeper would have to order this set specially at the time, since it cost a whopping 57 shillings or so at the time.
Particularly difficult to find the pictorial card outer box in presentable condition.
The large military set comprises:

Corgi toys gift set 6 rocket age set yy8211

Corgi toys gift set 6 rocket age set yy8212

1) Corgi 350 Thunderbird Missile on Loading Trolley in grey and air force blue. Excellent – near mint. Original nose cone is well-shaped. More marking to Loading Trolley at edges and where it has come into contact with the Missile.

2) Corgi 351 RAF Land Rover in air force blue with RAF roundel and flat spun wheels and spare wheel. Glossy finish. Small area of minor blooming at the rear edge of the tinplate canopy. Few minor marks to the paint. Shiny baseplate (couple of tarnished spots). Excellent plus.

3) Corgi 352 RAF Vanguard Staff Car in air force blue. Lovely original lustre, this Vanguard comes complete with RAF roundel, flat spun wheels. Near mint.

4) Corgi 353 Decca Radar Scanner with rotating scanner. Excellent plus, complete with plastic aerial.

5) Corgi 1106 Karrier Decca Radar Van with rotating scanner & aerial. Version with five orange stripes. Excellent, with marks at some exposed edges. Complete labels (light staining). Lacks one of the plastic aerials.

6) Corgi 1108 Bristol Bloodhound Guided Missile (excellent) & Launching Ramp. Excellent with scattered chipping. Intact RAF roundels. Launching Ramp is near mint with fewer chips.

7) Corgi 1117 Bloodhound Loading Trolley. Excellent with chipping mostly at wheel arches. With working function.

The attractive highly detailed pictorial scene box is complete and the colours are bright with no graffiti. Still presents nicely – often the lids of these sets can sustain very heavy damage with chunks missing! Not in this case. However, the box has suffered wear particularly at edges where there is rubbing, scuffing and in places minor seam separation. Careful repairs at these points. Note the puncture on the lid, too, although pressed back into place largely and a little clear glue to further secure, with no parts missing.

Corgi toys gift set 6 rocket age set yy8216

Corgi toys gift set 6 rocket age set yy8217

Nice to see that this set comes with the both lower and upper card inserts.

Corgi toys gift set 6 rocket age set yy8215

Corgi toys gift set 6 rocket age set yy8214

A little wear and discolouration.
Notable that this set also comes complete with two brochures & a leaflet as well as 2 Corgi Club Membership Forms.

Corgi toys gift set 6 rocket age set yy8213

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