Corgi Gift Set 23

Corgi Gift Set 23 Chipperfields Circus Set. Near mint-near mint plus/boxed. Second issue with the giraffe transporter. With accessories & upper card packing piece. From The Cheshire Collection.

Corgi gift set 23 chipperfields yy816

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Always a sought-after set from Corgi – this is the second issue from 1964 which includes the Giraffe Truck rather than the Booking Office.(Other minor differences too).
The attractive, highly detailed pictorial scene card box is complete and bright. Note the small part-puncture which has largely pressed back into place and the couple of strips of surface loss at two lid sides where the old tape keeping the lid closed was removed. Tiny wear besides.

Corgi gift set 23 chipperfields yy8162

Corgi gift set 23 chipperfields yy8163

Lift off the lid and the original white card packing piece is still present – nearly always discarded.

This set comes with original contents. Condition ranges from near mint – near mint plus:

1) 438 Land Rover with plastic tilt and complete labels on both sides. Near mint. With several little chips mostly at the rear.

2) 1121 Crane Truck. Near mint plus.

3) 2 x 1123 Animal Cages.
Bright red finish with intact amber glass roof sections, intact and bright blue plastic sliding doors. One in near mint plus condition, the other with a few more exposed edge marks to the yellow section.
With pair of polar bears and lions Unapplied Lions transfer (only).

4) 607 Elephant & Cage on Trailer. Complete paper label, tan coloured lifting eye on the roof. Red and blue trailer has shaped spun wheels. Several exposed edge marks.

5)* 503 Giraffe Transporter*. Bedford TK truck in vibrant red with a bright, deeper blue back. Shining shaped spun wheels with suspension and ‘Chipperfields Circus’ paper labels on both sides. Both wing mirrors intact, although only one reflective strip present now. Hinged ramp at rear to let the two giraffes in and out!

Corgi gift set 23 chipperfields yy8161

The polystyrene inner is bright with a little minor wear. Minor marking caused by the items. Comes with the white card surround too, which further protects the polystyrene. Minor grubbiness.
With upper packing piece and printed Instruction Slip, Corgi Club Membership Form:

Corgi gift set 23 chipperfields yy8164

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