Corgi 264

Corgi 264 Oldsmobile Toronado. Very near mint/boxed. Mid metallic green-blue issue. With detailed cast wheels. From The David Frank Collection.

Corgi toys 264 oldsmobile toronado yy705

Price: £135.00


From The David Frank Collection.

Issued 1966-69, this is an eye-catching example in this metallic green-blue finish. Detailed cast wheels and suspension. Retractable jewelled headlights, detailed cream interior and a bright chrome steering wheel. This model was issued in various shades of greenish-blue. Wonderfully striking on display, especially with the retractable jewelled head and spot lights.
A few marks on the roof.

Grey base, with wheel for operating the headlight mechanism. Well-shaped original tyres.
For comparison only, please note the slight colour shade difference between this model on the left with the version in a deeper shade on the right.

Bright and complete card box has vibrant colours. Light wear.