Corgi 205

Corgi 205 Riley Pathfinder Saloon. In MATT scarlet red with flat spun wheels. Very near mint/boxed. With period Japanese price label. From The Berkshire Collection Part 2.

Corgi toys 205 riley pathfinder saloon yy674

Price: £525.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


This Riley Pathfinder model has a sleek matt scarlet red finish. Nearly always found with a gloss finish in either deeper crimson red or scarlet. More often found in the blue picture box too. Looks barely handled. Flat spun wheels and a shining silver trim, untarnished base.

Presents so well:

Corgi toys 205 riley pathfinder saloon yy6741

Corgi toys 205 riley pathfinder saloon yy6742

The blue and yellow picture box is very fresh and bright with a crisp feel. Hardly any wear at all. Note the intriguing Japanese shop price label on an end flap. Moorgate Corgi Club Membership Form.