Corgi Gift Set 21

Corgi Gift Set 21 Chipperfield's Circus Set. Near mint plus - very near mint/unboxed. A scarce and desirable Gift Set from The Nostalgic Collection.

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A difficult set to find, this two-part set was issued between 1969-71 and comprises:

1) Menagerie Transporter Unit *with swivelling drawbar (not interchangeable with the 1139 version). Finished in the familiar red and blue Chipperfields colours. 3 plastic moulded cages with colourful labels, complete with plastic ‘bubble housing’, beneath which you will find the *full complement of original animal figures i.e. 2 lions (one male one female), two bears (mother and baby) and two tigers. Intact winch ring on top of all three cages. Fixing cord in situ. Detailed cast wheels and as-new original tyres. In close to mint condition.

2) 1144 Chipperfields Crane & Cage with Elephant. A Scammell Handyman MKIII in blue and red finish with a silver jib and hook. Complete ‘Come to the Circus’ label correctly on one side only. Complete Chipperfields label on the cab. A few minor marks to the paint finish. Brown plastic cage containing the original elephant has an intact opening rear door and plastic ‘bars’ section. Chipperfield’s Circus label.

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