Dinky 982

Dinky 982 Pullmore Car Transporter & Dinky 974 Loading Ramp. Scarce issue - one of the last 'without windows' issue with TREADED TYRES & SUPERTOYS box with italicised print. Very near mint/boxed, with D974 Loading Ramp (in sleeve-style box). Very, very near mint/boxed. From The Rochdale Collection.

Dinky toys 982 pullmore car transporter ramp yy628

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A little more unusual in this presentation with the ramp included – earlier issues did not include a ramp which was available separately.
This particular issue is a rare find without windows, with treaded tyres, in the Supertoys box with italicised print. This Dinky Toy presents well with a mid blue cab and hubs and a paler blue back including the decks.

Complete ‘DINKY TOYS DELIVERY SERVICE’ lettering on both sides, one little nick to the rear lettering on the drop down tailgate. Large baseplate print with 982 stamped on the trailer. The sheen on this model shows that it has been handled only occasionally. Well-shaped treaded tyres run well.

A couple of tiny marks around the hinged ramp which are practically unavoidable (and often found with more marking than this). Barely a mark besides.
The ‘Dinky Supertoys’ striped box with italicised print is the slightly wider version, since it does contain the ramp (printed on the box too). It is complete and bright, feeling sturdy. Very light wear.

Dinky 794 Loading Ramp is in virtually mint condition, and the yellow card sleeve-style box is complete, fresh and bright. Light wear.