Corgi 214M

Corgi 214M Ford Thunderbird, mechanical. Pink & black. Very near mint/boxed (wear). Scarce. From The Berkshire Collection Part 2.

Corgi 214m ford thunderbird pink yy516

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In very fine, all original condition with a shining pink and black finish, this rare motorised version was made between 1959-60 only.
Shiny flat spun wheels, working motor, and 1959 cast on the rear number plate. Fine original tyres and a working motor.
Very close to mint condition.

Corgi 214m ford thunderbird pink yy5161

Corgi 214m ford thunderbird pink yy5162

Really difficult to find in this colour.
The box is complete and bright if grubby now and one of the internal end flaps has been re-attached.