Dinky 140A

Dinky 140A Austin Atlantic. Very rare version in scarlet red and maroon. Near mint/not individually boxed (sold from a Dinky shopkeeper's Trade Box). From The West Midlands Collection. Starting bid £450. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

Dinky 140a austin atlantic yy512

This item is sold.


Probably the rarest of the Atlantic colours, this version in vivid scarlet red with maroon interior and matching wheels is surely one of the best surviving examples; indeed, only the third we have ever offered for sale.

This model has such a pleasing gleaming original finish! Smooth-running original tyres too.
Bright original silver trim. A few little chips as one might expect for what is essentially an unboxed model some 65 years or so old. this model would have been sold from a Dinky Trade Box by the shopkeeper.
Shiny base has some ‘spidering’.
Under the closest scrutiny, one will a couple of little extra dabs of (factory) paint.
A remarkable find, this version rarely comes to the market place.