French Dinky 1435

French Dinky 1435 Citroen Presidentielle. Very near mint/boxed. Includes original flag, intact bonnet emblem and Instruction Leaflet. From The Berlin Collection.

French dinky 1435 citroen presidentielle yy445

Price: £550.00


A sought-after French Dinky model, this Citroen Presidentielle model has a sleek two-tone grey finish, detailed flock fawn interior with driver, bonnet mounted shield and delicate French flag.

Number plates are complete both front and rear.
A pleasing example with barely a mark. Little of the usual paint miss immediately surrounding the rear number-plate (as-made).
The *box impresses has fresh colours on clean, intact card. Bright red card plinth (light marks where the tyres have rested). Remains of the tape which kept the bubble lid in place. Happily free of the expected surface loss due to removal of tape on the red plinth.
The delicate bubble casing is has light age wear/discolouration and a little puncture.

Pictorial lift-off lid has bright colours on clean, sturdy card. Remains of the original tape used to keep the lid in situ. No corner splits or heavy wear – a fresh example that has been carefully handled and stored. Complete with the Instruction Leaflet, too.

Issued between 1970-71.