Corgi 450

Corgi 450 Austin Mini Van. Rare with a COUNTRYMAN Mini Van grille. Very, very near mint/boxed. From The Queensland Collection.

Corgi 450 austin mini van yy434

Price: £295.00

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This Austin Mini Van has a metallic light green finish with shaped spun wheels with suspension. Fine tread original tyres. Bright red interior. Window glazing.
A rare find with a Countryman Grille.

A fine model, with spring suspension, opening rear doors, jewelled headlights and red rear light detail.
Negligible mark or two away from mint.

_Note the base is the version without a hyphen between the words ‘Mini’ and ‘Van’.

Complete and bright picture box is clean and bright, showing light handling wear including a part-thickness seam tear. Period dollar price label.
Made between 1964-67.