Corgi Gift Set 19

Corgi Gift Set 19 Chipperfields Land-Rover with Elephant & Cage on Trailer. Excellent plus-near mint plus/boxed. Hard to find *1st issue* with tinplate tilt. With wrap-around card packing. From The Cheshire Collection.

Corgi gift set 19 chipperfields landrover elephant cage yy402

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A sought-after two-piece Gift Set in original condition issued between 1962-68. A harder to find early example, this set comprises:

1) The Land-Rover has a tinplate canopy and shaped spun wheels. Suspension. It looks very smart and fresh with a gleaming original paint finish, complete with spare wheel on the bonnet. Complete and bright Chipperfield’s Circus labels on both side of the tinplate tilt (minor age wear). Fine, well-shaped original tyres. Note the marking to the rear of the model however, due to contact with the Trailer tow hook. Few small marks besides.

Corgi gift set 19 chipperfields landrover elephant cage yy4021

2) The brown plastic cage has an intact opening rear door and black plastic hook on the top. Early version with bars. Chipperfield’s Circus label correct at one side. Complete with the original plastic elephant. The blue and red trailer has shiny spun wheels. Well-shaped original tyres. A few little marks to the paint finish. No wheel slot tears but marking where the models sit and a little wear besides including a tiny fleck of surface loss.
The colourfully illustrated card box is complete, strongly0coloured and crisp. Light wear only. Nice to see the card packing piece still present:

Corgi gift set 19 chipperfields landrover elephant cage yy4023

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