French Dinky 32AJ

French Dinky 32AJ Panhard Articulated Lorry 'KODAK'. Near mint plus/in Trade Box with dividers. Very scarce. From The Heart of England Collection.

French dinky 32 aj panhard kodak yy320

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Issued between 1955-57, this very scarce issue would have been supplied to the Dinky shops in trade boxes of three.
This eye-catching example is finished in in vibrant, intense yellow finish, matching tin canopy, ridged wheels, and virtually perfect-perfect lettering on both sides.
Hard to find this good – often the transfers become faded and rubbed since this is essentially an unboxed model.
Version without cross-hatching on the inside of the roof.
Well-shaped original tyres.

Wonderfully silky finish.
Upon closest scrutiny you will find a few little touch-ins and a little front bumper chip.
Included is the original trade box for 3, with the original card dividers.

Very light wear and a seam repair.