Corgi Gift Set 47

Corgi Gift Set 47 Working Conveyor on Trailer with Ford 5000 Super Major Tractor & Driver. Issue with GREY PLASTIC chimney stack & air intake. Very near mint/boxed. With original bales & card packing piece. From The David Frank Collection.

Corgi gift set 47 working conveyor tractor yy242

Price: £295.00


This desirable Corgi Gift Set comprises:
1) Ford 5000 Super Major Tractor in blue and grey with plastic wheels. Complete with driver, and a notably intact and straight, (later issue) grey plastic (not chrome) chimney stack, jewelled headlights, complete ‘FORD’ label, and virtually complete, detailed transfers at both sides.
Very near mint.

2) Conveyor Belt on Trailer has a bright original paint finish. Complete with chevron label. Do note that the rubber conveyor belt moves when the handle is turned.
Barely a mark to the paint finish.
Original bales are included (8).

The detailed pictorial card tray has a full colour backdrop for this model.
None of the expected tears at wheel slots. Virtually pristine, in fact.

Pictorial end flap box is brightly-coloured, complete with all end flaps. Minor wear and a few little stain marks on a non-picture side. Tiny seam tear. Period UK shop price label.

Card packing: