Corgi 256

Corgi 256 Volkswagen 1200 in East African Safari Trim with Rhino. Very, very near mint/boxed. Left-hand drive. With packing, leaflet & circular card ring. An exceptional example from The Eric Morris Collection.

Corgi 256 vw safari rhino yy161

Price: £475.00

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A very popular Corgi model – this example is in virtually mint condition, with a fine and gleaming scarlet paint finish. The left-hand drive version has a notably complete detailed bonnet label, complete door numbers and “Nairobi” label. Chrome bumpers, wheels, baseplate, and sparkling jewelled headlights.

It comes complete with rhino, as well as the white card wrap-around packing piece and the yellow card packing piece that fits over the wheel on the roof (with cut-out, but would be difficult to remove).
The colourful card plinth on which car and rhino sit is a most attractive display piece. Crisp, as-new feel to the vibrant, fresh card. All push-out tabs for the wheels are still remarkably in place. Shop-fresh condition.
Vividly-coloured backdrop for this model.

Box reverse has lots of information about the “Beetle”.
The outer box is day-one bright, and complete, with eye-catching graphics. Crisp, clean and barely handled. Period price label on a lid end.

Model specific Leaflet and card packing included.