Corgi 435

Corgi 435 Karrier Bantam Dairy Produce Van "Drive Safely On Milk". With FLAT SPUN wheels. Scarce. Very, near mint/boxed. From The Pennsylvanian Collection.

Corgi 435 karrier bantam van drive safely milk yy142

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Issued between 1962-63 only, this delightful Dairy Van is a sought-after item, and a difficult find with flat spun wheels (more often found with the later shaped spun wheels).

Looking very fresh and bright with the eye-catching comical “cartoon-style” transfers on both sides. Just a couple of very light scratches and one even smaller nick. Paint finish is virtually mint.
The box is bright and complete. Crisp feel. Period shop label stamp. Very minor wear only. Corgi Club Membership Form (tear).
An eye-catching Corgi commercial van with lots of appeal.