Corgi Gift Set 24

Corgi Gift Set 24 Constructor Set. Near mint plus/boxed. With never folded Corgi Club Membership Form. From The Oslo Collection.

Corgi gift set 24 constructor x942

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A firm Corgi favourite, this set was made between 1963-68. It comprises:

Corgi gift set 24 constructor x9421

a) 2 Cab and chassis units, one in white the other in red finish. Both have the near-inevitable marking to the finish (the latter having the trans-o-lite feature).

b) Four interchangeable bodies, so that eight different vehicles can be assembled. All in near mint condition. Again with the near-inevitable marks.

c)Plastic milk crates load. As new.

d) Of course, the original milkman.

e) Bench seat for use in the back of the pick-up. Often one or the other of these accessories is missing. This example has a small lug missing now.

All are housed in a polystyrene tray – clean and complete, decorated with a delightful paper Corgi Dog label. Light wear.
The colourful pictorial card box is bright and intact with no tears, splits or graffiti. Barely any wear. Period price label.

Corgi gift set 24 constructor x9422

Corgi gift set 24 constructor x9424

Never-folded Corgi Club Membership Form.