French Dinky 589A

French Dinky 589A Berliet Breakdown Lorry 'Depannage Autoroutes'. Near mint plus/boxed. With original aerial. From The West Midlands Collection.

French dinky 589a autoroutes berliet x880

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A desirable item from the French Dinky factory, this Breakdown Truck ‘AUTOROUTES’ has a vivid, unfaded orange finish and vwry nearly complete -complete ‘DEPANNAGE AUTOROUTES’ at the sides. Second issue (1970-71). Complete with all delicate parts (including the little red roof light) intact. Functioning winch mechanism.

French dinky 589a autoroutes berliet x8801

French dinky 589a autoroutes berliet x8803

Nice silver ‘Berliet’ detail head-on as well as headlights (all original).
Close scrutiny reveals a few minor marks. Number plates front and rear.
No road sign with this example.
The illustrated card box is bright and complete. Crisp feel. So often found in very poor condition due to the flimsy nature of the card in comparison to the weight of the truck. This example has fared better than most! Minor age/handling wear only.