Trade Box Dinky 061

Trade box of 3 Dinky Dublo 061 Ford Prefects. Very, very near mint - mint/boxed (one lacks an end flap). From The Mediterranean Collection.

Dinky trade box 061 ford prefect x841

Price: £200.00

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An old shop stock find from this resourceful collector.

This buff Dinky Trade Box contains just 3 unsold Dinky 061 Ford Prefect models now. Each one in virtually mint – mint condition with super boxes save for one which has lost an end flap.
These models were part of the range of smaller (1:76 scale) Dinky models made to suit the Dublo train layout, although collected in their own right too, since they are a unique and attractive range from Dinky.
In very fine, all original condition with a light tan finish, a silver trim and smooth grey plastic wheels.

Buff Trade Box is complete although there is a tear and age/handlign wear besides. Shopkeeper’s price for individual models back in the day at an end flap. Old tape residue which kept the box closed.