Dinky 101

Dinky 101 Sunbeam Alpine Sports. Maroon with SPUN WHEELS. Very rare variation. Very near mint/boxed. From A Phenomenal Collection.

Dinky 101 sunbeam alpine sports cerise spun wheels x716

Price: £800.00

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Exceptionally difficult to find, this maroon Sunbeam model with a cream interior has spun wheels. Very rare to come to the market place.

A small area of rough casting at a wheel arch rim and a very small paint bubble on one side too. Light tarnished area on base and a few scratches. Expected little scuff on the driver’s head. Intact original windscreen. Original treaded tyres are supple and well-shaped.
The box is complete, crisp and bright with the correct colour spot. No tears. Period penned price at an end flap. Light wear only.