Spot-on 'A' Presentation Set

Spot-On "A" Presentation Set. Excellent plus-near mint plus/boxed. With packing. Rare. From A Phenomenal Collection. Starting bid £500. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

Spot on a presentation set x559

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


This Presentation Set “A” comprises:

1) 102 Bentley Saloon, in silver and metallic green with a gleaming silver trim. Shining spun wheels and complete number plates front and rear. Two of the original tyres are malformed. Couple of light box contact marks to the paint finish on the roof. Occasional tiny mark besides. Near mint.

2) 108 Triumph TR3 in bright red, with a cream detailed interior. Intact original windscreen. Several chips mostly on one side, and incomplete number plates. Excellent plus.

3) 114 Jaguar in lustrous mid-green, cream interior. A jewel of a car with superb colours, including the silver trim. Complete number plates at the rear. Nick to the front number plate. Few little marks on one side. Near mint plus.

4) 118 BMW Isetta, in pale blue with complete number plates front and rear. Red detailed interior. Chip at a rear light and a few minor marks besides. Near mint plus.

5) 154 Austin A40 in mid-green & black with a cream detailed interior. Complete number plates front and rear. Light roof rubbing and a few little marks to the paint finish. Near mint plus.

Each car is safely housed in its own carded section. Creases and ruffles as you might expect and a very small piece is detached.
The lift-off lidded box presents quite well with strong colours. Repair to one of the lid corners. A little age/handling wear besides. Box base underside has water damage.