Corgi 851

Corgi 851 Magic Roundabout Train. Very, very near mint/boxed - mint/boxed, with original sealed packet of blue nylon rope. From The Pennsylvanian Collection.

Corgi 851 magic roundabout train x413

Price: £275.00


Issued 1972-74.
A delightful nostalgic piece, this model was inspired by The Magic Roundabout (Le Manège Enchanté) television series, which was extremely popular during the mid ’60’s until the mid -late’70’s.
The Magic Roundabout Train has the familiar characters of Mr. Rusty and Basil in the train along with the passengers Rosalie, Paul and of course Dougal, too.
The Train, Carriage and Van are colourful and complete with paper labels and all delicate parts intact.
Tiny wear only.

Orgi 851 magic roundabout train x4131

Orgi 851 magic roundabout train x4132

The large window box is very clean and bright, looking rather crumpled (storage). Handling tear to the inner on one end. Original cellophane window has a tear. Complete with the little sealed packet of blue nylon rope.