Corgi Juniors Gift Set 3025

Corgi Juniors Gift Set 3025 Transporter Gift Set. Very near mint - mint/boxed. Scarce Gift Set from The Monty Calme Husky & Corgi Junior Collection.

Corgi juniors 3025 transporter set x349

Price: £275.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


A rare find, issued 1977-78, this desirable Gift Set comprises:
Hoyner Mark II Transporter with Ford D-Series Cab & 5 assorted cars:
Lotus Europa
Ford Escort
1300 Mini Cooper S
Fiat X19
Volkswagen 1300
All in very close to mint-mint condition. Whizzwheels.

Corgi juniors 3025 transporter set x3491

Corgi juniors 3025 transporter set x3492

Corgi juniors 3025 transporter set x3493

Delicate moulded plastic insert is intact. Contents and insert have been carefully removed for this listing.
Colourfully illustrated card and cellophane box is fresh and vibrantly-coloured! Cellophane window is intact. Crisp feel. Light wear. Remains of old tape which kept the end flaps closed. Stored untouched for decades!

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