Dinky 39C

Dinky 39C Lincoln Zephyr Coupe. Rare PRE-WAR issue in bright yellow with SMOOTH black wheels & LACQUERED base. Very good plus/never boxed individually. From A Phenomenal Collection at QDT.

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A first for QDT!
This is an exceptionally difficult pre-war Lincoln Zephyr Coupe model to find. It is finished in vivid yellow with smooth black wheels and tyres.

Dinky 39c lincoln zephyr yellow x3361

Lacquered baseplate:

Dinky 39c lincoln zephyr yellow x3362

In all original, honest condition with a sprinkling of medium-sized chips as you might expect for what is essentially an unboxed model of this age. Note that a tiny portion of the axle fixing is missing now but it does not affect the running of the model.