Corgi Junior Gift Set 3014

Corgi Juniors Gift Set 3014 Emergency Squad. Mint/boxed (tear to thin original cellophane wrap). Rare BRAZILIAN KIKO Gift Set from The Monty Calme Husky & Corgi Junior Collection.

Corgi junior kiko 3014 emergency squad x316

Price: £250.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


An extremely rare find, this Brazilian issue Corgi Junior Gift Set comprises 6 Emergency Vehicles, each one in its intact cream plastic compartment.
All in mint, unused condition.

Corgi junior kiko 3014 emergency squad x3161

Corgi junior kiko 3014 emergency squad x3162

Corgi junior kiko 3014 emergency squad x3163

Colourfully illustrated card box with KIKO (Brazilian) trade name and text in Portuguese. Day-one vivid fresh colours.
Thin cellophane window has storage tears however and some tape has been applied at some time in order to prevent further tears. Little card storage crumple.

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